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GKCOA awards and recognition

GKCOA Bill Pickett Lifetime Achievement Award

The Greater Kansas City Officials Association recognized one of our members, Bill Pickett, as one of the best high school officials in the Greater Kansas City Area. Bill stood for strong ideals and professionalism which he developed over a lifetime of service to the area's sporting community. He officiated every contest like a championship game. The GKCOA Bill Pickett Lifetime Achievement Award was established in the year 2000 and recognizes the top male and female officials in the KC area that have demonstrated these ideals over a lifetime of service.

  • 2023 Winners: Kevin Driskell, Candido Santellan, and Mike Moeller


Past winners:

  • 2022 - David EwingCraig EwingTom O'Brienand Tim Olson

  • 2021 - Ron Remley, Randy Winkler, David Brown, Rich Rennie, Scotty Williams

  • 2019 – Anthony Cook

  • 2018 – Scott Esry, Mike Hankins and Bill Sobbe

  • 2014 – Keith Fowler

  • 2013 – Bob Thorpe

  • 2012 – Phil Griffin

  • 2011 – Don Dickson, Stan Dobbs, Jesse Hall and Michael O'Dell

  • 2010 – Al Conway, Fred Flook and Bobby Kolen

  • 2009 – Bob Lade and Wilbur "Red" Reagon

  • 2008 – Danny Brown

  • 2007 – Jeff Holloway and Bill Titcomb

  • 2006 – Ken Raffety

  • 2005 – Greg Harrison and Tom Svelia

  • 2004 – Sam Breckenridge, Maureen Dankee, and Paul Hoffman

  • 2003 – Clem Bartnett, Jack Graham, Jay Hankins, Ray Lawrence and Pam Sloan

  • 2002 – Ken Bradshaw, Ken Gentry, Carl Nothnagel, Dan Ogle, Dianne Schmidt, Phil Stompoly, Steve Taylor, Diamond Warren, Russ Weber and Larry Zirbel

  • 2001 – Bill George, Norm Brooks, Evelyn Gates, Al Hamra, Pete Madrigil, Gene Millentree, J.P. Morgan, Darwin Rold, Jim Rusconi and Rich Stonum

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