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GKCOA Scholarship Fund

board of directors

All directors are elected by the Greater Kansas City Officials Association's Board of Directors to serve two-year terms which are staggered so that approximately half the number of directors end their terms in any given year.

Board members

Term Expiration

Tad Malone, President



Brian Verman, vp/Treasurer

Jamie Gehrke, Secretary


Mike Moeller, Director


Dixie Wescott, Director


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Tad Malone


I’ve been a High School official for 27 years.  I’ve worked Basketball, Football, Soccer and Volleyball.  It’s a passion and I love to give insight to the new officials and help them on their path.  Change is good, embrace it and learn.


Brian Verman


Brian Verman was elected to the GKCOA Scholarship Fund’s Board of Directors in
2016 when the Fund was initially formed.  He currently serves as Vice
President/Treasurer and as the Director of the GKCOA Benefit Golf Tournament.  Brian
began officiating high school sports as a MSHSAA basketball official (1992-07),
expanding into volleyball in 2000, and was selected to officiate the MSHSAA Girls
Volleyball State Championships in 2012, 2014, 2019 and 2023. 
An active member of the GKCOA for over 30 years, Brian served on the volleyball
committee for five years handling the finances and membership records for the
Volleyball Division prior to being elected to the Board of Directors where he served as
Treasurer (2009-19) and President (2019-21).  Brian and his wife Allison reside in
Independence, Missouri.  He has also been active in Scouting for over 40 years
including 18 years as Cubmaster.

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Jamie Gehrke


Jamie Gehrke and his two children have lived in the Kansas City area since 2006, He has been a MSHSAA and GKCOA volleyball official since 2017. Jamie played multiple sports growing up, and began officiating intramural sports in college. He presently works for Triple Crown Sports, and over his career he has worked in human resources, leadership training, athletics, and has also founded and sold a handful of small promoting businesses. Additionally, Jamie has been involved in multiple volunteer and philanthropy opportunities since his first serving in Big Brothers/Big Sisters in high school.


Mike Moeller


Mike Moeller is currently an at-large member of the GKCOA Scholarship Fund Board of Directors. Mike began officiating high school sports as a MSHSAA Basketball, football, and baseball official in 1983. In Baseball, Mike worked 3 final fours; in football, he worked 2 state championships; in basketball, he worked 7 final fours. 

Mike has been an active member of GKCOA for over 30 years. Serving as president from 2009-2015. During that time, he also served as the Director of the GKCOA Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament. 

Mike worked 22 years in the Big 12 Conference, working 22 post-season assignments. Five were Big 12 Championship games, 2 Rose Bowls, and two National Championship games in 2008 and 2017. 

Currently, Mike and his wife, Teresa, reside in Independence, where they are enjoying retirement.

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Dixie Wescott


Dixie retired as an Assistant Principal in 2020, after serving the educational
community for 35 years.  She has coached volleyball and Track & Field at both the
high school and collegiate levels.  After she stepped away from coaching volleyball,
she joined the ranks of officiating.
She has been a Volleyball Official for 16 years.  As a former high school and college
volleyball coach, she wanted to stay connected with the sport and decided to become
an official.  She has worked the State Volleyball Tournament on five different
occasions.  In 2019, she was selected at the MSHSAA Official Of The Year.
Dixie has served on the Scholarship Committee as the President for three terms. She
now serves on the committee as a board member. She also served on the GKCOA
Board as an at-large Director before recently stepping away from that role . Dixie
continues to serve the Kansas City area as the MSHSAA Rules Interpreter and will
begin her fourth term this 2023 season.

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