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New Member Application
High School Students Only

This form is for New Member HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY. 

Current Members: If you are a current GKCOA member, please complete the Membership Renewal Form instead found here.

New Members: Please fill out all the required fields and click the checkout button below. You will then be taken to the checkout page to pay for your dues and fees. If you have not completed your MSHSAA Registration, you must do so before you can submit this application. You can complete your registration here.


Membership dues are not due for Current High School Students.Please check the box of the sport(s) for which you are applying membership for.

GKCOA Sports:

Please indicate associations of which you are currently a member.

Please enter the six digit number assigned to you by MSHSAA. If you haven't completed your MSHSAA registration, please do so before completing this application. You can complete your registration here.

Do you have an existing ArbiterSports Account?

GKCOA uses ArbiterSports for assigning contests. If you do not have an account, we will create one for you. If you do have an account, we will scope your existing account into our GKCOA group. 


Please indicate when you are available to officiate.

Are you a past GKCOA Member?

'Yes' indicates that you are not a current member, but would like to reactivate a prior membership.

New Membership Requirements

All members must abide by the Bylaws, GKCOA Officials Code of Ethics, and the following rules to maintain regular membership in the GKCOA:

a) Must attend at least fifty percent (50%) of the regular meetings in the preceding fiscal year for the sport(s) in which the official is registered. Absences from any meeting may be excused if the official has provided documentation of the reason for his/her absence, and the Board of Directors approve such absence; 

b) Must pay dues by August 1st of each year for the current fiscal year. If dues are paid after August 1st, a late fee of $15 shall be due, in addition to the current year's dues. The fee is not applicable to new members who do not join the GKCOA until after August 1st of such year; 

c) Must maintain registration with the MSHSAA and meet minimum standards for renewing such registration. An official who is placed on probation by the MSHSAA shall become a probationary member for the duration of such period as the MSHSAA has such official on probationary status;

d) If assigned, must fulfill all assignments accepted by that member; 

e) Must agree that (1) all members of the GKCOA are independent contractors in their officiating capacities and are not employees of GKCOA, or of any officer of the GKCOA, or of any person or entity for whom the members work as officials; (2) all members of the GKCOA recognize this status and understand that neither the GKCOA, nor its officers, are employers and therefore, the members may not collect workers' compensation benefits from the GKCOA or any other person or entity for injuries sustained while officiating; and (3) the GKCOA is not a party of any ultimate contract between an official who is a member of the GKCOA and the school for which a game has been assigned and therefore, the GKCOA shall not be responsible to its members, in any way, for payment of game fees for games that have been assigned to the official by the GKCOA. 

Acknowledgement: *

Please acknowledge that you have read and understand the GKCOA's membership requirements. If you can not agree to these terms, please do not submit this application as your membership will not be approved.

Thanks for submitting!

We will be in contact soon!

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