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Become a Sports Official!

Sports officiating will inherently teach you all of those skills and much more. If you love sports, you will have the best view of the game as an official. More importantly, officiating will teach you how to view the games in a whole new light – one that emphasizes fairness, integrity, decisiveness and sound judgement.


The GKCOA is an organization of baseball, basketball, football, softball, and volleyball officials dedicated to providing quality sports officiating to middle schools and high schools within the Kansas City Metro Area. We are a member-based training, professional development, and social organization committed to providing ongoing training, mentoring, and community to our membership.

For your officiating needs, check out officials Only!

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"I truly enjoy giving back to high school athletics as an official because participating in sports in my younger days was such a huge part of developing my character and shaping the person that I turned out to be.  On top of that, GKCOA has allowed me to band together with like-minded individuals to share in the excitement of officiating with others as well as to move training and the opportunities for continuous improvement for our members in a extremely positive direction."

Ken Corum

GKCOA Member

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